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Whizu is a lightweight Java framework that makes it easy to create fast and good looking web applications. It focuses on the development of HTML5 web applications with developer productivity and extreme runtime performance as key characteristics.

Whizu is an open source effort and a work in progress. A first baby prototype and proof-of-concept was developed in January 2013. It took another five months for Whizu to be used for the first time in a production environment running a public website. In the mean time a first project was prototyped for DHL Pharma Logistics.

Get us on board

Let's face it. Whizu is young. It's brand new and contains great stuff but it's really young. This means that at the current state of development you should probably contact me and get us on board if you want to be successful at developing an application with Whizu.

This will make your life and your progress so much easier :-)

Whizu for your next project

If Whizu is so young, why then would you be willing to consider using Whizu for your next project? The answer is simple. Because it will save you lot's of money on development time and your application will run faster than any other with less resources.

Your feedback is much appreciated

We need you and your input to have Whizu evolve in the right direction. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Click here to contact me or email me at rudy.dhauwe @ whizu.org.

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