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Download Whizu

The latest release of Whizu was published for download on March 05, 2014. Whizu is distributed in several formats for your convenience. If you are using Maven or Gradle you can easily download Whizu from the Maven Central Repository including dependencies.

Whizu is Open Source Software published under the European Union Public License v1.1.

Download from Maven Central Repitory

We are currently in the process of preparing a Whizu 1.0 release that will be published to Maven Central Repository. If you are using Maven, please bear with us and for now resort to the latest development snapshot.

Download the latest development snapshot with Maven

The easiest way to use Whizu is by downloading it with Maven. Add the following repository and dependency to your pom.xml. This will result in Whizu and its dependencies being automatically added to your local Maven repository.

    <name>OSS Sonatype Snapshots</name>


You are now ready to proceed to the getting started section.

Download from this website

Whizu 0.1-snapshot can also be downloaded from this website as a .zip or .tar.gz file, containing the whizu.jar library, the javadoc API, and the required dependencies.


Whizu only depends on commons-lang and slf4j-api. Of course you need the javax.servlet API that is provided by your servlet engine or application server.

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